Now You Can Have a Gorilla Grip…

These home-made fat grip training tools are awesome! I remember a decade ago, maybe more when I first picked these stainless steel locks up.

I can’t do much with them. Maybe some farmer walks but that’s it.

I haven’t met many people that can.

BJJ Blackbelt Mike Flitter is a grip strength beast and even he has a hard time dealing with these.

108lb – 2.5inch handle. Check them out.


A DIY BJJ Grip Tip

Yesterday I posted a video of one of my favorite no-gi BJJ conditioning tools.

A lot of BJJ players are Do-It-Yourself types of guys and of course that’s where the discussion turned.

I just received some good photos and plans from my friend Doug on his own DIY Fat Grip model, those will be coming up soon.

Here’s what I did a few years ago.

These type of DIY tools work well for your own training, but aren’t always the best option in a facility.


Get Rid of Your Weak Grip Once & for All

You know how important a strong and endurant grip is in BJJ. Chances are that your first few matches of BJJ, with or without the gi made your realize how much your grip is involved.

Very frequently I receive questions about training tools that I can recommend and use within our BJJ conditioning plans.

We use several tools to increase our grip strength and our FatGripz is one of our favorite.

These things are versatile, go with you everywhere and can go on almost any piece of equipment, barbell,dumbbell,Pull-up bars and even most band attachments.


Congrats to Marius

One of my strength & conditioning clients, BJJ training partner and Judo Coach Marius Enache had his 2nd MMA match last night in Atlantic City, New Jersey at New Breed Fighters Fight League.

Marius came out on top with a 3 round decision. Maybe now he’ll let me post his workouts?

I don’t have any video of Marius’s MMA fight but here are few few of his BJJ and Judo competition videos.


BJJ Workout- Home Based Training

The BJJ workout video below is a great example of the BJJ specific conditioning you can get done at home with some simple set-ups and creativity.

He keeps his training tools very simple, a soccer ball, stability ball, ropes and a heavy bag and of course a lot of solo drilling for BJJ.

Great video! I’m inspired.

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